Katerina Koubourli
Katerina Koubourli

Katerina Koubourli

I am Katerina Koubourli and i am a professional photographer for over twenty years.

From my early teen years i looked for a way to express my feelings for people, my thoughts for the world and give back what i received from my world!!

I began to shoot people with a camera my father gave me back then……

My friends became my models, their actions became the shapes in my pictures ,their feelings became the colour in my photographs!!!….

Later on, i met the man i got married with a lot of years later!! My husband ,Nikos Koubourlis, is a Tv producer at the time. He always supported me in my goals, so i managed to do my inner thoughts a daily proffession!

After i got my degree from the university of THESSALONIKI for my studies in theology,i attended photography lessons ,that gave me the spesific knowledge to do things the right way.
A long time ago, i created an art team of young people that shared the same vision for photography as i do and gave it the name of “IMAGINE- PHOTO & VIDEO ART CREATORS”
Our goal is to give back to you the best of moments ,best of feelings, best of colours from the events we photoshoot for you !!!!

“CAPTYRE THE MOMENT” is our moto!…..

We move all over Greece, to cover your special events, and we always give the best results ,as we always do the best that can be done.
… and as i use to say to you all …”….I can do so, if you let me to….!!!